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Land Clearing

Land Clearing services are designed to help remove any landscaping to install new buildings, homes, and farmland. Clearing landscaping includes removing any trees, stumps, bushes, flowers, brush, and more that is in the way of production. Professional arborists have the proper equipment and tools needed when clearing property.

Any size of commercial or residential property can be cleared to ensure nothing will be in the way when constructing or installing vegetation that will benefit your land. This service can be time consuming and can be difficult if not done properly, so by hiring professionals this can be done with ease.

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What Can Be Cleared

When it comes to land clearing there are a variety of landscaping that can be removed to offer more space for your commercial and residential properties. Overtime trees can become an issue when wanting to construct new buildings or farmland.

By removing trees, tree stumps, shrubbery, brush, bushes, and any landscaping agriculture that is in the way. Even rocks and uneven soil will be removed to ensure a clean surface that will benefit the property. However, when land clearing it’s essential to hire professionals to help assist throughout clearing everything properly with certain tools and equipment that will provide safety.

Commercial Land Clearing

Commercial land clearing can be a valuable service when needing to construct new office buildings, malls, highways, parks, restaurants, parking lots, and more that will need land clearing. Before starting any construction, you will need to remove all agriculture landscaping that will get in the way or will be an issue for the property.

Even old construction will need to be removed to completely start from scratch when updating land to a designated property. This also includes any hillsides that will need to be leveled to ensure safety on the building. When wanting to start a commercial property, hiring professional land clearing experts can take care of it for you.

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Residential Clearing

Land clearing can also be accomplished for residential properties that are looking to add a new home, addition to the home, garage, pools, or any exterior construction. When installing new construction, it’s essential to remove any trees, shrubbery, bushes, and more landscaping agriculture that could provide a safety hazard and issues in the future.

Over time tree roots grow which could pose threat to any underground plumbing, piping, and electric wiring that can cause damages if broken. But, by clearing the land before building, this will give you a clean surface to construct without having any issues. Take care of your property right away by hiring land clearing services to any residential property.

Farmland Clearing

Farmland should also be cleared in order for crops to grow properly without having any landscaping in the way. It also helps bring up the soil to get proper nutrients needed for the overall growth of the crops. Remove old trees, shrubbery, bushes, rocks, sand, dirt, old construction materials, and even older crops that can pose threat to your farmland. Even older trees that look infected or diseased should be removed to get rid of any insects that could harm the crops. Anytime you are looking to install crops or create farmland it’s important to clear the land as preparation for installation.
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I used to maintain my landscaping but overtime I became busy and couldn’t get to trimming my trees. This company came and took care of all the trees in my backyard and at a cost-effective price. Will definitely hire them again.
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The team at Boca Raton Tree And Stump are so nice and took care of my tree stump right away. I didn’t have to wait around all day, and they scheduled a time that would fit around my desired scheduling.
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My tree fell directly on my garage one night and Boca Raton Tree And Stump came right away to dismantle it and took all the debris with them. Best landscaping company in town!

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